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Article about trip to Belgium. SPŠ Zlín and VTI Izegem. Every day story and photos. Enjoy it.
5th May, Monday 
  • We leave Zlín at 5:00 PM, so I have free morning. I go to doctor for permission to driving school. All is ok -> I can start learning laws and situations. But first I must completely prepare to journey. Yesterday night I found out my notebook has bad settings of SQL Server. In code they want more arguments, what they have to have. I hope I can solve it, because if I don't solve it, I'll can't programming.
  • Four hours, time to leave. I'm completely packed and ready to go. Full baterry in notebook and mobile and new playlist. Programming projects uploaded on Dropbox and my book upload on OneDrive. Journey can start.
  • Journey was calm, but only a few moments. Teachers have their "tea". Of course with a small content rum. So students was ok, but our supervision was a bit noisy and very laugh. But I understand teachers, because they want must switch off sometime too. About 10:30 PM we was in Germany. 
6th May, Tuesday
  • About 1:00 AM all people from bus slept (without me, because I must watch it). At 7:00 AM we was in Belgium and 9:00 we was in Atomium, Brussel. We stopped only three times, but before Brussel was big traffic jam, so we some time lost.
  • Atomium was big (I waited it smaller) and for me, who never seen this building, it was very interesting. Look from the highest floor was incredible. We had all Brussel in our hand. After Atomium was Mini-Europe, where we saw the most known buildings from Europe. I tried take photos from people perspective, from normal size. Photos have new dimension of perception. Somebody can trust me, I was there.
  • Next stop was Parlamentarium, history of EU. We saw inception and process formation this big society. Everybody have personal guide in his language. Exposure was very nice and modern. A lots of touch screens. When we ended, we had reunion in Parlamentarium's canteen, where I had first beer from Brussel beer marathon (BBM) -> Leffe. Beer was sweet and content cloves. From Parlamentarium we went to our hostel, where we will sleep one night.
  • In hostel we had about hour to personal hygieny. We haven't dinner in hostel, so we go to city, to center. I and my friends go to fast food. But without beer it isn't this good. We go to pub, where hang picture of his schoolmate in retro design. Here I have my second beer -> Palm. This beer has sweet fragrance and was a bit more fizzy.
  • Third beer - Jupiler -> it is classic beer, therefore I don't know what to say. You can find this beer in every pub.
  • Teachers were on our student party and everybody had good time. Teachers too. Younger woman teacher takes photos with black barman, who shows rap. It is quite good. Friend lost his iPhone and we can't find it. We go to room and drink there with teachers. Younger man teacher is saying jokes about his students. It is very funny, but sad too.
  • Everybody sleep and I'm uploading photos for you. It is about 350 photos. My friend, who makes crazy faces, students and teachers, who drink on room and have free topic, black rap barman and lot of alcohol. I think, this day was great too.
7th May, Wednesday
  • The party continue to 4:30 AM. After it I programming about 30 minutes and complete searching in DVDatabase. So I go to sleep about 5:00 AM and only to 2 hours. Morning we go to European parlament. Last stop in Brussels was center, where we bought chocolate for our families.
  • Izegem, town with 30 000 population. We arrived to school, where we found our Belgian friends. After it we go to our new home. What was strange for me -> they don't take off their shoes in house. I have my room with a lots of PC games, yeah.
  • Evening we go to the pub and go back about 11:00 PM. Here I have my next beer -> Stella Artois -> It is very good beer, that have typicall colour of beer and has full of flavor. After it I programming to 2:00 AM
8th May, Thursday
  • We have excursion to brewery Rodenbach. It is big and old buildings complex. Brewery has warehouse with big amount litres of beer. The last stop is tasting beer Rodenbach and Grand Cru.
  • Rodenbach -> black beer with fruit flavor and slightly acidic
  • Grand Cru -> black beer with acidic flavor
  • Afternoon we go to bowling, where we play on 5 lanes. I have very bad score, but one of us must lose game. Somebody play biliards or air hockey. Everybody have good time
9th May, Friday
  • Trip to Brugge, that is called as Venice of the North. Our first stop was in the Sound Factory, where we could make music on a computer, "DJ ring" and between rods. It was very interesting, because everyone was virtuos. We can play on bells and try surround sound. Next stop was in neighbour part of big building, that has red exterior and industrial interior. It have very special atmosphere. We can see new modern concert hall, recording studios and rooms for artists. Building is about 30 metres high and modern. 
  • After this excursion we went to center. We go around shops with gold and clothes. I see very nice watches, that cost 2500 euro. At first moment I think I am in back in Czech.
  • In center we have some time for lunch. We go and continue in excursion of Brugge to town church and other important town's places. Our excursion ended near wall of beer, where is a lot of pieces of Belgium beer.
  • In Izegem we go to Tour de Pub. It means, we go to one pub, buy one beer and go. But reality is another. We remain in one pub, where play very good music band and drink a lot of beers with our teachers. It was very nice night, although Belgians don't dance. My beers: Troll and Kasteel
  • Troll: Sweet beer.
  • Kasteel: Very good beer with fruit flavor.
10th May, Saturday
  • Amsterdam, town, what many students want to see. All of us enjoy there. Our first stop in Amsterdam is in big shopping center, where we can go to toilette. It is time for teachers, that want to organize this trip. Belgian teacher make from him guide and we can see only important sightseeing. We see for example house of Anne Frank. Weather wasn't so good, more precisely it rain and therefore we must have umbrellas, but nobody was angry, because many of us wait for free time in Amsterdam and permission go to coffee shop. Weed is in Amsterdam and in whole Netherlands legal, so we must try it. Bigger part of us have good mood. 
  • One of us see in shop window nice girl in bed so he wants make photo with her in bed, but he can only sit next her, although it is very good topic for story. We go to bus across thin streets, where we can see one of the oldest jobs on the world. After it we saw all Amsterdam and we can go home.
  • At night I am not on party in pub, because I must sleep and be full of energy to tomorrow trip to Ostende, where is sea.
11th May, Sunday
  • We are in Ostende, where is sand beach and wide see on sea. I have many photos from this place. After it we go to town and we end in pub. Somebody go to Lunapark. I think this day will be better, but opposite is truth. At night I am not on party in pub, because I must work on my book and I want be one moment alone.
  • Beer Duvel: Very good taste and gold colour make from this beer very nice experience.
12th May, Monday
  • We go to Brugge again. We go see to factory Bombardier, but we can't make photos, because they're developing new technologies, that are top secret, and this excursion is only for us.
  • Next stop is Zeebrugge, where wehave trip on small cruiser. We see this town from sea. Harbour, where we are, are very big ships with containers. Of course big cruisers too. I've never been in so big harbour, so for me it is experience.
  • Today we have very nice weather, but on ship is windy, so it is understandable.
13th May, Tuesday
  • This day we went to town Ypres, that is very famous as battlefield of 1. world war (1WW). People from this area can find oh their fields ammo from 1WW. If they find any bomb or ammo, they can get it to pylon, where army take it and destroy.
  • Our first stop was in town Ypres, where we saw memorial for victims and soldiers from 1WW. It was big building with list of these victims. We wore small red flower Papaver Rhoeas (i don't know, how to translate to english). It is symbol of 1WW. After it we went to center of Ypres and two churches.
  • Next stop was bunker near Ypres. It was big and for me a bit old, but for that time it was modern. We saw history since 1WW to new millennium. We saw soldiers, clothes for them and guns, that they used in battle. We could try 2 guns -> american type (I don't know what it was) and Kalašnikov.
  • After it we went to museum of 1WW and cemetery for soldiers.
  • Our night program was same as another days -> pub. It was pub for snooker,billiards, ....  
14th May, Wednesday
  • Trip to Gent. Gent is similar to Zlin, because it calls as Town for students. We saw many faculty and universities.
  • There was old castle, where we made group photo of students and teachers.
  • Last stop this day was in Ghelamco arena, that is new and modern stadion for KAA Gent    
  • When we went home, on highway was terrible car crash. We saw big flame and smoke. It was horrible.
  • This was last day in Izegem, so we had last party. It was in Belgium friend's home. There was lights, lasers and smoke. We had two DJs and many beers. Everywhere was smoke, that was backlight and looked very good. Everybody enjoy this party and it was unforgettable for us. Unfortunately one man broke vase and another flowerpot, so party was ended about hour earlier.
15th May, Thursday
  • After breakfest we made last group photo and left Izegem. But we didn't go home, but to Luxembourg.
  • Luxembourg is nice town, but small, so we hadn't so much choices, where we could go. This town is full of shops with expensive clothes and accessories. We went to restaurant, where we had lunch
  • At 6:00 PM we left Luxembourg and went back through Germany home, to Zlín
16th May, Friday
  • We arrived to Zlín about 8:30 AM
  • When I arrived home, I set gifts on table and uploading photos and wrote this article.
  • It was nice, but all must end. I hope I will can go to Belgium again.
  • Beers: 25
  • Photos: about 2360
  • Trips to other cities: Brussels, Brugge, Zeebrugge, Ostend, Ypres, Roeselare, Gent, Luxembourg, Amsterdam (9)
  • Alcohol (all students): uncountable
  • Cigarettes (all students): uncountable
  • Days without sleep: 5
Photos from Belgium:
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